FO Friday x 2 (Almost)

Well, I have now finished both of the remaining pairs of Christmas gift socks. (Except for grafting the last toe. Hush. We won’t count that just now. But as a result of not having grafted those socks, I don’t have a picture of them. They are pretty boring looking – blue kid-sized socks with no particular pattern – so I probably won’t be blogging about them anyway.)

Here are the Fancy Feet anklets:

Saturday Anklets 10

I am really please with how they turned out. I think the recipient will be thrilled, too, which is frankly the part I like best about making gifts rather than buying them.

And much though I complained about the boring-ness of the pattern, everyone I’ve shown the socks to has loved it. (Except the cat, who as you can tell doesn’t much care.) I might be able to handle this pattern better if it was one sock at a time, and so the monotony of the 4-row repeat was broken up by the fun & funky heel turn between the first and second socks.

Saturday Anklets 11

All the same, my next socks will be done one at a time, and will not be this pattern. (I’m making myself the Star Trek socks next.)

Actually, with this pair, the recipient will own more of my handknit socks than I do. (Granted, a pair or two were given from me to the person in question because they didn’t fit me after being washed a time or two, but still.) So the next couple of sock pairs I knit will be, if all goes as planned, mine to keep.

Saturday Anklets 09

But this one was fun. And the anklet pattern was fun. And there are 6 more patterns in the kit. Hmm…


5 thoughts on “FO Friday x 2 (Almost)

  1. That pattern looks like it would be a great one on variegated yarn, so as to not lose the pattern or the colour changes in the yarn. I can see how it would be a bit boring to knit… but at least you could watch TV or whatever and not worry about messing up the knitting!

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