Learning Process

Life sure is a learning process, isn’t it? In the past year — heck, in the past three months — I’ve learned an awful lot about myself. Wanna know some of what? No? Too bad. I’m going to tell you anyway. (Face it — you’re visiting my blog. If you didn’t want to know more about me, you wouldn’t come here.)

  1. I don’t like knitting two socks at once. I can do it, mind. I’m currently knitting two socks toe-up on one long circular needle. I’ve done this before, too, and love the resulting socks. But the technique doesn’t do anything for me. The yarn gets tangled up, it’s harder to correct & prevent ladders between the needles, and it takes too long. Granted, when you’re done you’re DONE; there’s no second sock to knit. But still. It takes, like, TWICE AS LONG or something to get a sock off the darn needles.  😉
  2. The smallest things can amuse me. Such as having my socks smile at me as I’m knitting them.
  3. Smiling Anklet

  4. Most of my “free time” in the past little while (2 years? 3?) has been going to knitting and theatre. Knitting has taken the random, flexible time. The kind I can “afford” to spend. And it’s relaxing. Theatre has taken every. Waking. Moment. (At times, anyway. Sometimes it’s more manageable.)
  5. Now that I have a guy in my life again, I want some of those moments back. Naturally, I have discovered this at a point when I can’t take a break in theatre due to kinda being IN CHARGE of a production which goes up right after Thanksgiving.
  6. Stress makes me tired. The more stressed I get, the more likely I am to spend all day in bed (if allowed).
  7. Spending all day in bed when I have things that need to get done stresses me out. This makes it a bad coping mechanism.
  8. Knitting is still a calming influence, until I glance at the little number at the top of the eBay webpage and realize they are reminding us how many days there are left until Christmas. And I’m not going to tell you how many days there are left, but it’s UNDER 50. And my gift knitting isn’t done yet.
  9. Stress, stress, stress.
  10. Knitting toys is fun. Sadly, I can’t show you pictures of these toys until after they get unwrapped for Christmas.
  11. After this show, I am so taking a break from theatre. I know, I have said this before. And yes, I have agreed to work a show next late spring/early summer. But still. Theatre break. I mean it this time.
  12. My cat likes my guy. This makes me incredibly happy.

What about you guys? What have you learned about yourself lately?


2 thoughts on “Learning Process

  1. Nicole- I’ve decided to opt out of the whole stress at Christmas thing- no more shopping at the mall- and most stuff done ahead of time. I don’t knit for other people any more.

    Then I’ll put on my Charlie Brown CD and relax.

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