WiP Weds – the Anklet Edition

One of the things I have been gift knitting is a pair of anklets. (I recommend anklets for knitted gifts, if the recipient likes them. They are half the length of a regular sock – or even less, if your gift recipient likes tall socks – and so take half the time.) If I didn’t have so many projects in the works at once, these would be done by now.

Anklets 01

I have turned the heel on one of the pair, and am working on the other (when I’m not sewing my Halloween costume). This is a weird heel turn. I like it, and it works for ankle socks. It might actually work for traditional, full-length socks, too. I might have to try it, just for kicks. It actually looks like it might be comfortable.

But it’s weird. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but it’s a whole mess of short-rows. With random-seeming lengths. The short rows get smaller, and then larger, and then smaller again. Several times. This is a heel where you need to pay attention to what row you’re on, because each row is different and written out. This is no “repeat rows 3 & 4 until 10 stitches are wrapped on each side” kind of heel. This is a 50+ row charted (or written out) kind of heel.

Anklets 02

But it’s fun. And look at it! Very sensible, and it’s a nice sharp heel turn.

Anklets 03

I like the pattern on the instep as well, though I’ll admit to being bored of it by the time I needed to turn the heel. A 4 row pattern, with every other row being straight knitting, is very easy to memorize. Which also makes it pretty mindless and boring. It looks good, though.

These will be easily finished by Christmas. They may even be finished in time to be a birthday present. We’ll see. In the meantime, I have to get back to sewing. I have 2 Halloween costumes to finish by Friday…


8 thoughts on “WiP Weds – the Anklet Edition

  1. Oh, I agree that’s a nice looking heel! All your socks really make me wish I wore them, LOL, therefore want to knit them. I just never wear socks anymore, le sigh.

  2. Hey Nic you are hard to get a hold of. It’s Lisab from writers group. I was trying to get hold of you to see if you would read my Logan ebook and give a review?

      • I looked for it on KnitPicks, but only found a tutorial on the kit. The actual kit was not available under kits, and the pattern didn’t show up under patterns either.

      • Hmm, then probably it’s not for sale any more. Are you on Ravelry? If so, you might be able to find someone who is selling the kit there.

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