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Monday Miscellany

Today I have random thoughts for you. No real reason, just that it’s what I’ve managed to come up with. And, of course, a random thoughts post means a bulleted list.

  • Spell-check doesn’t like “bulleted”.
  • I nearly typed “buttered” instead. Spell check likes that word much better.
  • Sore shoulders are no fun. Good thing there are such wonderful inventions as heat packs. They feel great on sore shoulders, especially on cold nights.
  • Cold nights also mean it’s time to change the sheets to something warmer. I don’t think it’s cold enough to need flannel sheets yet, but the jersey would be nice.
  • Only, that means more laundry. I’m swimming in laundry (some of it clean, thankfully) as it is already.
  • I have finally worked up the synopsis for my YA novel from a couple NaNo’s back into something that seems like a passable synopsis. Now I need to write the query letter, and then get up the guts to send it out into the world.
  • 12 days is not a lot of time to sew Halloween costumes. Good thing I have done theatre costumes before, and am used to sewing in not much time. Also, it’s a good thing that these are meant to be COSTUMES. Finishing details are much different on a costume than on, say, a business suit.
  • Not that I would actually attempt to sew a business suit.
  • I have cast off a few knitting projects lately. This leaves me with only (heh) 6 projects on the needles at the moment. I’m feeling shy of options when it comes to what to knit. I only have 6 things to choose from.
  • Well, technically I only have 5 projects to pick from if I want to knit something. Number six is a crochet project.
  • I am not going to cast on anything new until I have received some additional supplies, however. I have several more (un-bloggable due to being presents) projects that need supplies before I can start them. Luckily, the items should be here fairly soon.
  • And when I have a spare moment knitting-wise (aka after Christmas) I will be knitting myself some Star Trek socks.

Star Trek Socks

  • I kinda suspect I will get orders from family members for a pair or two of these.
  • There was something else I was going to add to this list, but I got distracted by adding the picture and the Ravelry link, and so I do not remember what I was going to say. I hate it when I do that.
  • In the event I remember, I will add to this list with the rest of my miscellaneous thoughts. In the meantime, however, have a great Monday!

4 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. Those Star Trek socks are spiffy!! 🙂

    I switched to jersey sheets a couple weeks ago. SO much better than those crisp cotton sheets in this season.

  2. Speed sewing: Good for costumes, bad for quilts. <– My experience. LOL. Made my husband a quilt over Christmas break one year, totally rushed it and now I have to mend it CONSTANTLY.

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