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Friday FO: Cubist

Wow, I guess I’m on a roll! Two weeks, two finished object posts!

Cubist 14

Today is the Cubist socks. They were a fun, fast knit — or, they were fast when I was actually knitting them. If I didn’t have so many projects in the works at once, they would have been done much sooner. Ah well. It’s still too warm to wear them, so no big rush.

Cubist 12

I love the way the pattern turned out. I have only a very few objections, and it’s with my choices.

Objection 1: they’re slightly too short for me. This does not mean I’m giving them away, however. They are my socks, and that’s that.

Objection 2: I like the look of carrying the pattern down into the toe, but I wish I hadn’t carried it *all* the way down. It’s a bit odd-looking on (compared to on a blocker) that way. But, the two socks match in how much of the pattern is carried down, so that’s good.

Cubist 13

Suzy doesn’t know what to think of them. But that’s okay. They’re not her socks, and I’d just as soon she didn’t try to play with them.


4 thoughts on “Friday FO: Cubist

  1. Nice! I love that color and the design is neat 🙂 I still haven’t knit socks…but you continue to inspire me and one of these days I’ll give in to that desire. However…first I must finish my mom’s fingerless mitts…birthday is past and I am only 1/4 of the way done…ack!

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