WiP Wednesday – The “For Me” Edition

About a week ago I was knitting, and losing interest in what I was working on. I think I figured out why, because since that point in time I’ve been much more enthusiastic about knitting. The problem? I’d been working on things for other people, and not the things for me.

Granted, gift knitting is an important thing to think about at this point in the year. If I intend to ever get things finished for Christmas gifting, I need to be working on it all year round — or, failing that, to do a mad push starting when fall starts and knit frantically on my gift projects.

So, last week at knit night, I picked up something I hadn’t touched in weeks: the Cubist Socks. A sock pair I’m making for myself, because I like them and want green socks in my wardrobe. When I picked them back up, I hadn’t finished the cuff ribbing. Now? Less than a week later? I’m turning the heel.

Cubist 08

I don’t think it was a lack of interest in knitting that I was having trouble with. I think I just needed to find the project that wanted to be worked on.

Annis 03

I also worked on the Annis Shawl, and while part of the growth on this one is due to the short rows, it’s also been a project I’ve enjoyed knitting. Again, I think this one is for me. (Sense a theme?) On the other hand, my gift knitting is making progress as well, which is good (though I do not have pictures of that yet) since it is ALMOST OCTOBER ALREADY. Goodness. Where does the time go?

3 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday – The “For Me” Edition

  1. Sherri says:

    It’s wonderful that you are working on things for yourself. Of all the knitting I’ve done I think all but one was a gift.

  2. Chris says:

    I know!! Wasn’t it just the first day of summer?!

  3. Brigitte says:

    I’m going through that phase – finding something to work on that I want to work on. It’s not for lack of trying…

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