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Monday Morning Musings

I had planned to move my book review posts to Monday, since I’m only planning 3 blog posts a week for now. However, I rediscovered something about having a special guy in my life that I had quite forgotten… I don’t get nearly as much reading done as when I’m all by my onesy*. You know people who read to escape, who read as a way to get into a happier place? Well, that’s (one of the many reasons) why I read, and especially why I devour books the way I have been doing.

Now? Heh. Now I don’t have nearly so much I want to escape from. In fact, there’s next to nothing about my life that I don’t like right now. (We won’t go into the job situation and financial mess that resulted from it. That’s one main thing I’d still like to change. Working on it.)

So, long story short, I don’t have a book to review because I haven’t finished reading it yet. I’m about halfway through Shiloh Walker’s Veil of Shadows, and am loving it, but you’ll have to wait until next week (maybe) for a review. Sorry about that. Only I’m really not.

Thinking about plans and timing and all, though, can be interesting. I mean, I actually have to think about my schedule now. I can’t just say, “oh, sure, I can do that,” because I need to stop and think whether we have anything planned. I don’t mind, don’t get me wrong. But it will make this fall more interesting. Between both of our (different) theatrical productions, NaNoWriMo, holidays, and actually getting to – you know – spend time with my guy (whom I still don’t know if I want to use a code name for), I think I will have an incredibly busy rest of the year. Fun, and certainly worth it, but busy. Some things (like blogging and actually finishing my 50K) will undoubtedly be difficult. (The 50K was going to be difficult anyway, since my show opens in November.) I’m still not complaining, though. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible. And my priorities aren’t the same as they were even a month ago.

It’s just a good thing I like a challenge.

*bonus points if you get the reference, though I can’t promise I spelled it right


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