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The Nupps Have It

(Look! It’s a knitting WIP post! Oooohh… wow. You know what this means, don’t you? I finally remembered to take pictures!)

So a while ago, I got mad at the stole I was knitting. A stitch slid off the needle when I wasn’t ready for it to, and it dropped quite a ways back, causing immense difficulty when I tried to pick the stitches back up. It’s fixed now, though a knitter will be able to see the error, if looking for one.

Anyway, what was I to do? I had to show that stole I was mad at it, right? And the best way to do that?

Annis 02

Yup. Cast on something new. In this case, a shawlette. It’s the Annis shawlette, and while I haven’t gotten very far on it, it’s proving to be an amusing knit so far. There’s just one part I’m not sure about… the nupps. I don’t dislike them, but I don’t think I like them either. My suspicion is that it’s the needles. I don’t think my needles are pointy enough to handle the nupps correctly. Ah well. It’s working well enough, and I can’t really afford to buy new needles when I have perfectly usable ones in the closet.

The other thing that has gotten a lot of knitting time since my last WIP post is my first MTT Sock.

MTT Socks 04

It’s been my purse/travel knitting, and so got a lot of time in during the drive to Disneyland. To be fair, though, I couldn’t knit while driving (and I did about a third of it) and I couldn’t knit during the particularly windy parts (unless I wanted to get sick, which I didn’t). Even so, it’s significantly longer now. At this point I just have to decide when I want to start the ribbing. It’s not really that much further off… but then I need to get the second sock to match. I’ve decided that it matters for this pair.


7 thoughts on “The Nupps Have It

  1. The pattern on that sock is impressive. I love the look of changing yarn colors but am rarely satisfied with my work when I try it. Glad to hear the stole is back in your good graces *g*

  2. I had to have a couple of more looks at it. I don’t understand how you could make such an intricate pattern on the sock like that. Is it that you keep changing wool? Looks like it would take forever! :O

  3. Thanks for the info Nicole, but I’ve never been good at knitting, although I can appreciate a fine piece of work when I see it. Even with wool that has various colors, you made a beautiful patterm. Not easily done I think. Beautifully crafted 🙂

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