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In Which We Are Random

I do not have a Friday Snippet for you today. I do not have a picture post, or a linkity post, or a WiP post, or anything remotely “normal” for my blog schedule. (Not that this month has started out very “normal” blog-wise, what with me being AWOL for many usual post days.)

So, instead, we will have a random bullet post.

Stay tuned on Monday for a guest blog from M. K. Hobson, the author of The Native Star. I may also pull together enough goodies for a blog contest; we’ll have to see.

  • I was chatting with someone not too long ago about my blog, and somehow or other it came up that I hadn’t mentioned him on it. (This is not too surprising, as he is kinda the reason I haven’t been blogging, but that’s beside the point.) So, he’s now been mentioned. I’m not 100% sure what code name I want to use for him, so I’m not going to use one yet. (So there.) But anyway, life is good, just not exactly bloggable, unless I want to go into my personal life online (which I don’t).
  • Knitting has been happening. Sorta. I may have pictures for you next week. Not that I’ve finished anything yet. In fact, I started something new instead. (My stole was annoying me. I had to show it who’s boss, now didn’t I?)
  • Reading has been happening too, but at work instead of at home. It’s gotten to the point at work where I end up with gaps of time in which I have nothing to do, but they are between periods of time when I have very important things to do, so I can’t leave early or anything. So… reading. Often e-books.
  • If I needed proof (which I don’t) that last bullet would prove to me that yes, I like e-readers.
  • I want an iPad.
  • But I no longer have the same desire to get one now. (See top bullet.)
  • Scrabble is a fun game. Once in a while.
  • I can occasionally beat my dad at Trivial Pursuit. This makes me incredibly happy.

As this blog post has deteriorated into a series of comments about board games, I think it’s time to close it up. Have a great weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on “In Which We Are Random

  1. Want an Ipad too, and love Trivial Pursuit but nobody in my family wants to play it with me because they are sore losers.
    Want to meet the person behind the code name 🙂

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