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Guest Friday Snippet: The Native Star

We have a special Friday Snippet today! This one is from The Native Star, a newly released book by M.K. Hobson. I received an ARC of this book, and enjoyed it so much I asked permission to share a little snip with you, my blog readers.

(This has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve been gone more than I’ve been home lately, and haven’t done much of my own writing to share. Nothing at all.) (Actually, it does. I wanted to share a snippet of TNS with you anyway… but my current writing slump determined the timing.)

At any rate, I will be doing up a full review of The Native Star next week, and will be having M.K. Hobson to visit the blog the week after that. Also, the author has a giveaway over at The Book Pushers where you can win a signed copy of her book! The contest is open until next Thursday, so get on it! And in the meantime, enjoy the snippet!

“We have to block the entrance!” Emily said as they emerged into icy moonlight. She pointed at the rocks over the mine entrance. “Magic those rocks down!”

Stanton stumbled to a stop, his eyebrows knit mournfully.

“Miss Edwards, I just mortified two dozen rampaging zombies. I am in no position to magic anything right at the moment.”

“If we don’t get this opening blocked, there’ll be dozens more in Lost Pine before dawn!” But even as Emily said it, she knew what to do. Running to the foreman’s cabin, she threw open the door. In an open crate, sticks of dynamite lay buried in wood shavings. She grabbed a stick and reached for the spool of fuse cord.

Running back up the hill, she heard the shrieks of the undead echoing against the black forested hillside; they had reached the mine entrance. Stanton had picked up a heavy mossy branch and was holding them back as best he could, swinging the branch wildly at a clot of zombies that seemed to find this action extremely annoying.

The man could even annoy the undead! Despite herself, Emily found this rather impressive.

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