Return of WiP Weds

So, at long last, I have knitting WIP pictures to show you! Huzzah! (They aren’t the greatest photos in the world, but they exist. So that counts for something.)

First up is the reboot of my niece’s socks. She’s very anxious to wear them, so I guess I’d better get crackin’. At least I’m halfway there!

Sky Sock Reboot 04

Next is a pair of anklets I’m working on in anticipation of Christmas. I’m not going into presenting details here even though I don’t think the recipient reads my blog. Still – better to be safe than sorry. You do still get a picture, though.

Saturday Anklets 03

This is the Saturday pattern from the KnitPicks “Fancy Feet Anklets” kit. So far so good. The heel looks interesting, though; we’ll see how it knits up.

And last for today is my pair of basic stockinette socks. They’re all I’ve had the mental focus for lately, so they get the biggest amount of progress in the pictures. Even so, there hasn’t been much knitting going on.

MTT Socks 03

Still, the yarn patterning is fun, and should make for a nice basic pair of socks. (These are mine. I decided I don’t make enough socks that I actually KEEP.)


3 thoughts on “Return of WiP Weds

  1. Am starting to think you have a thing for socks, LOL. Love the colors. Every time you have one of these posts it makes me want to pull out all my knitting stuff and do something. Anything.

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