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Week 34: Forsaken by Shadow

Here is this week’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks post…

Forsaken by Shadow
by Kait Nolan

(paranormal fantasy/romance)

This is an e-book that I picked up after reading Kait’s Friday Snippets on her blog. (They’re here. I’ll wait while you go read them.) I am very glad I did! It’s a fun read, and waiting for the next installment was driving me nuts.

So: the book. I enjoyed it. I liked the conflict in the story, and while I saw the twist coming, it wasn’t obvious to the point of being distracting from the story. It was more of the “oh no, when will they figure it out?” than the “you stupid people! Open your eyes!” kind of situation. So that was good, in that I was never tempted to throw my e-reader across the room.

I like the character building as well. Starting the story with the hero knowing nothing about who he is or how he got there was fun. I liked getting to discover things along with him. Even though his bout of amnesia doesn’t last long before we’re put in the heroine’s viewpoint for a while, it set a good tone for the story.

The romance in this story was a nice touch without being in your face. It was more emotionally a romance story, rather than physically. (Given the choice, I prefer the feelings to the physical.) I also liked the other relationships, between the hero/heroine and other characters. Bonus points to Kait for giving them other people to be attached to!

If I have a complaint, it’s that the e-book length always leaves me wanting more. I have yet to read an e-book that is long enough for me. I want more of the characters, more of the world, just more. I read fast to begin with, so reading a shorter piece only makes it go that much faster. However, I bought the book for $0.99 (if I recall correctly) and it was a great use of a dollar. Can’t complain about the price! I’ll just have to pester Kait to write more.  🙂

Grade: A


6 thoughts on “Week 34: Forsaken by Shadow

  1. I think it’s not so much that all ebooks are shorter but that ebooks have allowed novellas as a fiction type to really resurge (where in print they are quite impractical and often don’t earn out their cost). When there’s no paper or printing involved, an ebook can be ANY length. 😀 So you’re seeing a LOT of novellas out there now in e.

    I’ve got a novelette (yeah I know, even shorter at about 15k) I’ll be putting out in a month or so as a freebie that might tide you over for a little while. 😀 Other than that, unless you have an in with the lottery commission or are independently wealthy and would like to sponsor a writer in residence, you’ll just have to wait 😀

    Thanks for the review!

    1. I like them too just because I can usually plow through one in a day or two (reading obviously) when it often takes me a couple of weeks or more on novels just because I don’t have a lot of free time.

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