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Monday Musings ~ 8.16.10

Well, for reasons I may or may not decide to blog about, I am out of town today. And that means I am writing this blog post well in advance, so some of the linkity will be “old” (by ‘net standards) by the time it shows up on here. But it’s content, right? And it’s still cool stuff even if it is (*gasp*) a few days old by the time I post about it.

  • It has been cold in “Sunny” California this year. Truly, it has. I mean, I love our weather and the current temps are wonderful, but it hasn’t hit the usual highs. Nathan Bransford has a very funny, very true take on this:

Don’t let any San Franciscans trick you — yes, San Francisco is having the coldest summer in fifty years, yes, San Franciscans will complain like the dickens and act like it’s the apocalypse with a side of brimstone, but press us and we will reveal that no, we don’t want to trade with your heat wave, thankyouverymuch. The complaints are a ruse. You’ve been warned.


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