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A Bit of Linkity

Not a whole lot going on here today, just a few links that I’ve had pointed out to me in the past day or three.

First, a Geek Girl blog by the author of CakeWrecks: Epbot. This site has all sorts of cool stuff, including jewelry she made out of squished pennies. Awesome stuff.

. . . aaaaand, now that I’ve finished catching up on CakeWrecks for a while, let’s see what else I’ve been reading lately.

Chris of Stumbling Over Chaos sent me over to Good Show Sir, a UK blog that features fabulous book cover art. And by “fabulous” I mean “hideous.” But funny.

Also full of funny blog fodder, I have been following The Rejectionist for some time now. How can someone like me (read: geek girl and fantasy author) not love a site that is subtitled “dropping mordor on your party since 2009”? I mean really.

And I’ve lately started following (again thanks to Chris of SoC) Seanna of Another Purl. She’s a knitter and theatre geek. Like me. Awesome.

Happy Thursday!


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