Look! Knitting WIPs!

Well, would you look at that! I remembered to take pitcures this morning! (They’re not the best quality, but hey! Pictures!)

This is the Sweetheart Cardigan from Lacy Little Knits. I’m knitting it out of KidSilk Haze and KidSilk Night (it calls for two different yarns i similar colors) and am loving it so far. Though you can’t really see the pattern in the photo, it’s really nice in person. Especially when I fake-block it. (I don’t remember the colors of the yarn, but I’ll post more about it later. Promise.)

This is the first Cubist sock, along with proof that I’ve started the second! Huzzah! I love this sock. It’s great fun. My only wish is that the pattern was a tad shorter so I could have done a third repeat on the leg without making the sock longer than I wanted it (so I did only 2 repeats instead). However, it’s not a huge complaint. I do love the pattern. I love it enough that this one is going in the “maybe knit a second pair someday” pile. There are very few patterns in that category.

And this is the status of the socks I’m knitting for my niece. Slow progress, but progress. I just need to knit faster before she grows. The problem here is that it’s my work-break knitting, and I’m working fewer days a week now, so I get fewer days worth of break to knit them. I may have to move these to my Thursday SnB knitting, and knit the Cubist socks (which are for me and so not on a deadline) to work knitting.

Last knitting WIP for today is the Saturday Anklets. This is from the KnitPicks anklet kit (Saturday pattern), made from KP Stroll in Mermaid. It’s a cute pattern and I like it so far. I really like the toe shape; might have to snitch that for other socks. (Though I suppose I’ll wait to see how it fits me first.) This pair is going to be a Christmas gift, or possibly a birthday gift, depending on when I get them finished.


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