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Week 31: Beautiful Death

Here is this week’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks post…

Beautiful Death
by Joely Sue Burkhart

(spec fic romance)

I really enjoyed this book. I actually considered yelling at Joely over Twitter at one point while I was reading it… because it was 2am, I had tons of things I needed to do the following day, and I couldn’t. Put. The. E-reader. Down. (Yes. It’s an e-book.) (Disclaimer: e-reader in question was my iPhone.)

What were my favorite bits… hmm. I liked the naming conventions. If you’re familiar with Greek myths, you get hints of the characters’ personalities based on the names they took. (Each had another name prior to an outbreak, and then took new names in a kind of token re-birth. I’m not really clear if this was required in their society, or merely common.)

I liked the worldbuilding. Joely is an expert at that, and always manages to create a world that draws me in. This one is a futuristic, and you get senses of what today’s world turned into in her world’s history.

The characters also were well drawn. At times I was confused by some of the alien bits, but the personalities were nicely developed. The parts that confused me were mostly physical in relation to the aliens. They seem too human to not be human. I kept waiting for the twist to say they really were humans, they’d just been genetically modified or something. (But no, they really were aliens.)

If I have a complaint, it would be that there were a few things that weren’t explained to my satisfaction. (Keep in mind that this is, like most e-books, not as long as most print novels. Given the shorter length, the lack of explanation makes perfect sense.) Things like what happened at the very end to the Enforcer, how a certain necklace was really capable of what it described as being capable of, a bit more (or different) explanation of some of the futuristic bits… Basically, my complaint is that I enjoyed the world so much I couldn’t get enough of it. Not that I needed more, but that I wanted it. There was plenty of detail, don’t get me wrong. I just loved the world Joely created.

Grade: A-


4 thoughts on “Week 31: Beautiful Death

  1. Thank you so much, Nicole! I’d love to explore the Enforcer elements more! The next book would be Charon’s (and would explain what all happened to him at the end) although I hoped to have part of the action happen on Macedon too. More like Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn books where Hades and Isabella continue to have a role (like Michael and Alex), although new couples have their romance too. We’ll see. Interest really hasn’t been high enough to warrant another book in that world.

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