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Here are a few random linkity things for this fine Thursday…

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  • PBW has a great post about creativity. I don’t think people are necessarily less creative these days. I mean, really. Read some of the Facebook statuses out there. I’m not saying I like all the ways people are being creative, but some of them? Yeah, some of them are great. And you can’t deny that they’re there.
  • The Yarn Harlot has a fun post concluding her Tour de Fleece, and tempting me with fiber. I think I must visit her links and make myself a wish-list for Christmas presents.
  • I love reading Stardate Online. They have some fascinating info about the various stars, planets, and other astronomical items. (Like this current bit about Deneb. It makes sci-fi stories all the more interesting when you learn about places in the books.)
  • And indulging in the random, if not the linkity, that reminds me that I want to re-read McCaffrey’s Talents series. (Not the Pegasus ones. The Rowan ones.)
  • Speaking of the presence of creativity when everyone’s yelling about a lack of it, here’s a wonderfully creative poem-post by Joely Sue Burkhart. It’s an Ode to Rhetorical Queries.
  • And then there’s my own creativity. I’ve been writing, though not as much as I would like. I’ve been knitting and spinning, and sufficient of that though I would still be happy doing more. I’ve been scrapbooking (a little of the paper version and a little of the digital version) and cleaning up (if you don’t think there’s a certain creativity in getting all one’s stuff to fit in a limited space, then you throw out way more stuff than I do) and tons of other things. But most of my creativity has gone into odd things. Like planning vacations. Or planning the guy’s version of a bridal shower. (It’s been highly amusing.) Since I’m keeping personal stuff pretty quiet on the blog these days, I’ll not go into details, but suffice it to say that this is more fun than planning a traditional bridal shower…

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