Imagine-It WiPs

I have determined why I’ve been having trouble posting on Wednesdays. It’s because of the pictures.

I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of my current WiPs on Tuesdays, and so I hold off my WiP Wednesday post “until I can get the pictures taken.” And then the pictures don’t get taken, and the post never happens.

So. Not going to do that this week! Instead, we’ll have a “let’s pretend” WiP post, and to make up for the lack of knitting pictures I’ll throw in a kitteh picture instead.

As far as the knitting is concerned, I’ve been making progress. I have one of the Cubist socks finished. The instructions don’t really specify, but I carried the pattern all the way down the toe. I really like the way it worked, and am looking forward to starting the second.

But I haven’t started the second yet because I’m working on a pair of anklets for a Christmas gift. They’re from the KnitPicks anklet kit, and are an amusing knit at the moment. I’m doing them toe-up 2-at-a-time on magic loop, and so the toes were fiddly at first. But now that I’m into the pattern section of the foot, they’re great fun.

I’m also working on my niece’s socks, and hope to have them done soon (not because I’m close to done, but because I know she wants them. Guess I must knit faster). And a stole, when I can get the energy for focused chart reading. And a sweater (ish) made from KidSilk. (Loving it!) And I’ve been wanting to cast on another pair of mitts…

Right. Over-acheiver, that is me. Anyway, I promised you a kitteh picture. This is one of our back-yard kittens, and just so cute. All the time. Have a great Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Imagine-It WiPs

  1. Can’t wait to see your cubist socks, I started them in the car, two repeats in the cuff so far.
    And your little backyard tiger is sooooo cute!!!

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