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Monday Musings ~ 7.26.10

Today is a grey Monday in summertime, very much not the kind of day when I want to be at work. So I’m going to ramble a bit on the blog and see where my mind wanders. (I suspect the beach.)

We’ll start things off with a funny xkcd:

  • Speaking of the beach, maybe it’s because I’m a Nor Cal girl, but grey summer days always make me think of the beach. When I was younger we’d leave our sunny neighborhood and head over the hill, and inevitably by the time we got to the coast it was overcast and foggy and we were freezing. I hated it.
  • After living on the coast for a year or more, I decided I loved that part of costal weather. But it’s still hard to imagine the fog and the chill *inland* at this time of year.
  • And since the comic got me thinking about language, I love the fact that the English language is a living one. I hate some of the changes that have been made in my lifetime (“they” as a generic pronoun instead of “he”? Ack!!) but I love the fact that the language lives. Google is one of my favorite verbs. (Especially in the JFGI context. Don’t know what the acronym stands for? Then just frickin’ Google it, already. I don’t swear on the blog.)
  • Besides, I am a fantasy writer. This means I make up words. ‘Twould be a lot harder to do in a language that couldn’t evolve.
  • Like Shakespeare. Not that I am like the inestimable Bard in any other way.
  • Alas. Woe. *mope*
  • I need more tea. Even a venti Starbucks is not enough today.
  • And I love the “acronym” someone came up with for Starbucks: *$s. Don’t know who coined it, just that it wasn’t me and I’m jealous. Love it.
  • Speaking of love, I love free fun fonts with an unhealthy passion. I can spend hours upon hours downloading free fonts. I just hope they are all *supposed* to be free fonts, because I don’t like worrying about copyright violations.

And before that last starts me off onto a tangent that will actually make me *think* this morning, I’m going to call it sufficient. I hope your Mondays are looking brighter than mine is! It’s nearly lunchtime, and the sun is STILL hiding behind the clouds today. *sigh*

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ 7.26.10

  1. LOL…I’m a font junkie, too.

    They are free for personal use. If you are wanting to publish something (or creating for sale) using them there are restrictions but each font should have a TOU file that explains those. Yeah, it’s came up for me before.

    Beach sounds really good to me on this boring Monday. Grey and fog…driving over the hill…sounds like Oregon beaches. I always called them mood beaches because I’d get all melancholy there.

  2. I love making up words. You maybe knew that already. 🙂

    Also, I love the *mope* and you were the first one to introduce me to it!

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