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Week 29: A Matter of Magic

Here is this week’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks post…

A Matter Of Magic
by Patricia C. Wrede

(YA historical fantasy)

This book, while a new release, is actually an omnibus version of two previously released volumes: Mairelon the Magician and The Magician’s Ward. These books had been on my “to read” list for some time, but due to confusions at the library, I never got them in my hands to actually read. (Silly things like missing the book when it was on hold for me, or checking out the second one instead of the first…) At any rate, it took a while for me to get them, but once I did, I LOVED them. So much fun.

Patricia C. Wrede is one of the two authors whose “letter game” was published into a series of three books beginning with Sorcery and Cecilia: or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot (the other was Carolyn Stevermer). I was so pleased when I realized that A Matter of Magic was set in the same world, I’m surprised you didn’t all hear me laughing for joy. (I just hope that re-releasing them now means she has another book in this set planned… that would be nice, since these two are great but only whet my appetite for more.)

As to the story, we follow the street thief Kim as she gets caught up in Mairelon’s world of real magic and intrigue. I don’t want to go into the plot too much more, as part of the fun is discovering the things that aren’t really twists but also aren’t explicitly stated (at first) along with Kim. Suffice it to say that this is a very fun read, and that I will soon be buying it so it can live on my comfort reads shelf forever and ever. (Sorry. I’m really not regressing back to jr. high… but I have “Enchanted” on the brain, and so “forever” often turns into “forever and ever”… and none of this is really related to a book review. Right. Moving on.)

At any rate, this is a thoroughly enjoyable book, and if Mairelon is a bit reminiscent of The Odious Marquis (from Sorcery and Cecilia) or if the two men’s lady mothers are a bit alike, who really cares? I love this book, and the world it’s set in. Ms. Wrede has definitely got tastes like mine in mind when she writes, because I’ve not read anything of hers I didn’t enjoy.


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