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FO: Anise Socks

Whee! This FO post is a long time coming. I started these socks some time ago (in , as a matter of fact) and they’ve been languishing in the WiP pile since then. For part of that time, they were in full-scale hibernation, with me not sure when – if ever – I’d feel like working on them again.

I love the end result, and they were a much appreciated gift, but part of the reason I nearly gave up on them was this:


Way too many ends. Not just for the sewing in, but also for the changing colors. Changing colors every 3 rows in a sweater-sized piece is one thing. Doing that for a sock is madness.

But. Look!

Finished Anise 2

They’re done. And they fit me, though they’re not my most comfortable socks so I’m not sure I’ll be keeping them. Still. Finished.

Finished Anise 1

And they were my first color-work project ever. Hard to believe.


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