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Friday Snippet, and Frustrations

I’ll go with the frustrations first. I’m getting highly annoyed at AOL. I set up an AOL account purely for the purpose of using it for my blog e-mails, and now it’s getting shunted into spam folders when I use that account to comment on other blogs. (Some, anyway.) HIGHLY annoying. So I’m thinking of canning the AOL account and setting up another Yahoo or Google one just for blog mail. Argh. Extra busy-work I shouldn’t have to do.

Another frustration is procrastination. I meant to get you guys a WiP Weds post this week. Or at the least a WiP Thursday. But I couldn’t get pictures that were good representations of the color at the time I was able to take photos and so no photos = no knitting WiP post. Argh. Again.

But at any rate, it is Friday, and Fridays are for snippets, not me whining about (the lack of) WiP posts.

So. Here is a snippet that follows shortly after the one from last week. This snip can be loosely described as “In Which We Meet The Girl.” (This is a fantasy romance — though I have yet to determine how much romance there will be. But in a (traditional) romance, there is always a girl. And this is she.)

Lindra brushed past the rest of the archery trainees, pulling her bow from its place slung across her back as she went. Her trainer would have her head if he saw her using the weapon instead of a practice bow, but Kalis wasn’t here. Not like it would make a difference if he was.

I should just challenge him, and have done with it. No more practice bows, or shooting with teens who can’t even string a real weapon.

Propriety, however, demanded that she remain under his tutelage until he said she was ready to advance. Knowing the elven standard of perfection, she’d be hunched and wrinkled before she reached that point.

Picking a range set apart from the targets in use by the current class of trainees, Lindra strung her bow, wondering again what kind of wood it was made from. No tree she was familiar with had such a silver sheen. Not that I actually am familiar with this place anymore, no matter what I told Alleon. No. Alan. She had to at least attempt to respect his choices, even if he pushed her away in the process.

The tears shimmering in her eyes didn’t affect her aim.

Three times she drew an arrow from the quiver strapped to her hip; three times she let fly. When she brushed the moisture from her eyes, she saw three arrows in a neat row at the center of the bull’s-eye. Just where she’d intended them to hit.

“Not bad.”

Lindra jumped to hear Kalis behind her, but when she spoke it was with a steady voice. “Thank you. It is a credit to your teaching.”

The elf laughed. “That it is not. Your skill merely needed awakening. You have ever been a better archer than I.” He reached into his own quiver and handed her an arrow. “But can you perform under pressure?”

Copyright 2010 by Nicole Tom, do no re-print or re-post without permission, rough draft so expect errors, etc, etc, etc.

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