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Tour de Oops

Well, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t officially enter the Tour de Fleece, because I would have dropped out. As it is, since I joined unofficially, I can still play without being disappointed in my goals.

Why, do you ask? Because I decided it’s no good to spin when you’re constantly having to stop and blow your nose.

(Side note: I hate summer colds. Quite likely I hate them more than winter colds, which at least seem to be in their proper season.)

So, I haven’t spun anything in the past few days. I do have a nice skein of 3-ply yarn from the fiber I was working on, and I still have more fiber to finish up that colorway with. I hope to get some work in on it tonight, but we’ll see if the (thankfully now fading) cold allows that. And I’ll get pictures of the yarn up as soon as I can, but not just now.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer cold-free!


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