New WiP Weds

… as in, new Works in Progress. Fun stuff!

First up, a new free sock pattern from Cookie A. (I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been out, but I only just saw it.) This one is Cubist (Rav link) and it’s a lot of fun so far.

Cubist 04

I’m making it out of the KnitPicks gloss sock yarn in Woodland Sage, which I had originally tried knitting Bayerische out of. But I like this pattern much more, and it’s going much faster, so I’m pleased with the swap.

Cubist 03

Next up is the second incarnation of the little Sky Sock (Rav link) for my niece.

Sky Sock Reboot 01

I had started it out of some leftover yarn, but didn’t have enough, so I recently went stash diving and came up with some elastic-y yarn that I should have enough of. The yarn is by Elann. Sock-it-to-me something or other, I think.

Sky Sock Reboot 02

And the last new WiP is spinning!

Spincerely TdeF 02

This is the set of singles I’ve spun that I intend to make a 3-ply sport-weight for socks. Hopefully. We’ll have to see how much actual yarn it ends up making.

Spincerely TdeF 01

I’m still enjoying the spinning, though.

And the last WiP for the day is an old one. As in, it’s been hibernating for at least a year.

Anise Socks 07

Remember these? My Anise colorwork socks? I am enjoying working on them, but I’ve decided that my next colorwork project won’t change yarns as often. It will either be only 2 colors, or it will be much larger than socks.


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