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FO: Mochi Entrelac Socks

Look! Another FO post in a short period of time! (And if I ever get around to it, I’ll have a third to show off my sweater.)

Mochi Entrelac 15

These are the second pair of Toe-Up Entrelac Socks I’ve made, this pair with Mini Mochi yarn. They’re a fun pair of socks, both because I like the yarn and I like entrelac. However, they’ve got an odd fit to them because of the tension I was holding the needles I used for the first sock with. (Sorry about grammar. It’s late.)

Mochi Entrelac 14

So I’ve decided that I like Mini Mochi yarn, though it does have some issues as you’d expect from a single-ply yarn. (Especially a FUZZY single-ply yarn.) And I already knew I liked the entrelac technique. But I’ve also decided I don’t like square DPNs. I tried them, and they made my tension all wonky without giving me any stress relief on my wrists (like the advertise). If anything, they hurt my hands more to hold them than regular rounded DPNs do. I can’t speak to the evenness of the stitches, because the yarn’s irregular enough to impact that.

Mochi Entrelac 16

But. The socks, they are done. And I am pleased with them.

3 thoughts on “FO: Mochi Entrelac Socks

  1. I do so love long colour repeats for entrelac!

    I had no idea there were such things as square DPN’s. Hmmm… I’m not sure that I would like them.

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