Week 25: Dreamveil

Dreamveil (Kyndred book 2)
 by Lynn Viehl

 (paranormal romance)

Dreamveil is the second in Lynn Viehl’s Kyndred series. And I loved it. I like both of the books in this second series so far, just as I liked all of the books in her Darkyn series (which is the precursor to this one). I don’t think I could pick between the series, if you wanted me to. Part of what I love about the Kyndred series is the way it intertwines with the Darkyn. You’ll see when you read them. Though I can tell you that in both of the books so far, main characters from the Darkyn series have shown up and had peripheral interaction with the main Kyndred characters. I love the way it’s worked out so far, and I can’t wait to see what else Lynn has in store.

As to the plot of Dreamveil itself, there are some things that make more sense than others. However, it’s all tied up neatly enough by the end that (while there are still series plot issues that are not resolved) the book reaches a nice conclusion. The basic premise is that Rowan (a secondary character from the first book, Shadowlight) stops in New York to make a brief stop to lay some childhood ghosts, and ends up stuck there for a short time while her motorcycle gets repaired. And then she ends up having to do a lot more in regard to those ghosts than she ever thought she would.

The plot of this one mostly works for me. (There’s a bit with a secondary character, Taire, that gets confused. But since the character herself doesn’t seem too stable, I suspect that’s on purpose.) And the romance, as odd as it is, works too. Speaking of… I don’t know how to describe the romance (and its oddness) without giving away MAJOR spoilers. So I won’t. But the way Rowan deals with her attraction to two different men played out much differently than I would have expected it to, and I enjoyed the end result. More than that I can’t say without giving stuff away that shouldn’t be spoiled.

I believe this series is planned to be the same length as the first one, and I can’t wait. I love Lynn’s writing, and am anxious to see where she chooses to go with this one. As with the prior books in the set (both Kyndred and Darkyn books) there are steamy scenes, but they are not what the series itself revolves around. She manages to write hot, sexy books that still have an awesome story. And after finishing Dreamveil last night, I couldn’t wait for more… so I picked up and re-read Dark Need and Night Lost. And then Evermore came with me to work today for my lunch break. I can’t help it. I guess I needed my Darkyn fix.

Grade: A


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