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Week 22 (I think): Free-Range Knitter

Here is this week’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks post…

Free-Range Knitter
by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

(non-fiction, comedy)

Stephanie is a very funny lady. That needs to be said right off the top, because it’s so true.

This is a series of essays, “letters,” and otherwise (usually) humorous (and sometimes serious) commentary on knitting, knitters, and those who love us. It touches on many, many aspects of life, love, and crafting. While you don’t need to be a knitter to appreciate the books and its humor, it certainly helps. Or it helps to at lest know a knitter. There are some things that will be funny no matter what you know about knitting. The list of “people who will no longer be receiving knitted gifts” is amusing regardless of your knit-knowledge. (Of course, it IS tons funnier if you have been IN some of those positions yourself…)

At any rate, this is a funny book that still manages to touch on the bittersweet and some of the other truths in life while being mostly all about the knitting. Funny how you can take the crafting of a blanket, stitch by tiresome stitch, and apply it to life itself…


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