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June Is Busting Out All Over!

. . . because I’m a theatre geek, I couldn’t resist the song title for today’s post, even if it has nothing to do with the post itself. Except that it’s now June, which means June goals instead of May ones.

Before I get to the new goals, though, a quick note on the old ones. During May, I was supposed to be participating in Joely Sue’s MayNoWriMo, a kind of choose-your-own-adventure of an accountability group. (No set goal common to the group, just a way to hold yourself accountable to your own choice of goal.) I didn’t do so hot on my goal. Here’s my comment on Joely’s wrap-up post:

Heh. As for me, I didn’t meet many of my goals for the month, and none of the ones for MayNoWriMo. But I’ve also been learning about me and what drives me, and that’s a positive thing. I think I needed to recharge my batteries, and I’m still working on finding a sustainable level of productivity. But there’s one thing this month and our challenge has proven to me: there’s a support group there, ready to help me out as soon as I’m ready for them. Thanks for heading this up!

You know what, though? Learning about oneself is an important part of this whole writing process. I’m glad to have done it. It’s just annoying that it happens at a point in time when I had something else planned. Ah well. Best laid plans, right?

Now: a wrap-up of May’s goals:

1. Finish the full-novel beta review I have outstanding for an OWG friend. – due 5/5/10


2. Finish the beta review of Kelley Armstrong’s THE GATHERING. – due 5/15/10


3. Re-read my first-ever-novel in preparation for re-working it. – due 5/15/10

Done! (And bits of it are actually not bad writing, too!)

4. Write 25K words of planning and language creating for E1. This is a MayNoWriMo goal. – due 5/31/10

Not done. So very not done.

5. Post book reviews on the last 4 Tuesdays in May. – due weekly on Tuesdays

Sometimes done. We’ll count it, even though I wanted to do more of them than I actually did.

6. Work on the T sub package (query, synopsis, etc). – due 5/25/10

Not done.

And a look at June’s:

1.  T sub package. For real this time.

1a. Write T synopsis. – due 6/12/10

1b. Write T query letter. – due 6/19/10

1c. Start submitting T. – due 6/30/10

2. Weekly book reviews, to be posted on Tuesdays (except this week, which will be moved to Thursday due to the goalpost being on Tuesday).

3. Write 250 words a day on something story-related. This can be actual fiction, or the worldbuilding and language creation that goes with it.

4. Create working plot & story arc for E1. Ideally plan out a basic trilogy arc to go with it. – due 6/15/10

5. Post something for critique in the OWG. – due 6/6/10

6. Do (at least) 2 reviews in the OWG. – due 6/30/10

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for, the CONTEST WINNERS!

Being a gamer, I used polyhedral dice to determine the winners. Same difference as a random number generator, but more hands-on.  🙂

  • Elfshadow goes to Sommer!
  • Ecstasy Unveiled goes to Saranissa (aka livelovebebelieve)!
  • Dear Sir, I’m Yours goes to Jeanette!

Winners, I will e-mail you for info on how to get you your books. Congrats, and thank you for playing everyone!


4 thoughts on “June Is Busting Out All Over!

  1. Thank you Nicole, exciting!

    And good luck with your June goals, I hope that your T submissions go successfully, I for one would love to read it!

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