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Week Whatever: New Blood

This is me trying to catch back up with the 52 Books in 52 Weeks posts… I have been READING plenty of books to still count, but I haven’t been posting about much of anything, so the review posts have been slacking.

Also, don’t forget to enter my book give-away contest! Comment on any blog entry posted between May 14 and 31 for a chance to win. Don’t forget to tell me what book(s) you want to be entered for! More comments, more entries. And for a bonus entry, let me know what comfort book(s) you have on your shelf…

New Blood
by Gail Dayton

(historical romantic fantasy)

I read this, the first book in the series, after having read the second book. (The title and cover art of the second one appealed to me more… so sue me!) However, as it is a romance, there wasn’t much in the way of spoilers that I picked up which I wouldn’t have picked up from the genre. Granted, I had the benefit of seeing the introduction to some characters that the author had intended, but no harm done.

And, I am pleased to say, that even though I wasn’t sure about the book based on the cover art, I ended up loving it.

I don’t really know what to say about the book other than that: I loved it. Granted, that statement doesn’t make much of a review, so I’ll try. What did I love, specifically? Hmm. Well, I loved the setting. Steampunk-ish Victorian Europe. With magic. Lovely. And where women are starting to come into their own instead of being possessions. Also good. Perhaps women have a bit more power in this book series than they did in real life, but hey. They can do magic. Some extra strength is expected.

I also loved the characters. I didn’t know that I would from the first chapter or so, but once we got beyond the introductions (of setting and genre, as well as characters) I started to really like them. (This is in contrast to the second book, Heart’s Blood, in which I liked the characters right away. But that’s neither here nor there.)

At any rate, this is a very good book, a very good series, and I am anxiously awaiting more.

Grade: A


5 thoughts on “Week Whatever: New Blood

  1. It is always fun to see what books you have been reading. This one certainly sounds interesting.

    As for a comfort book…I go to either the Little House on the Prairie books(esp. the Big Woods), Anne of Green Gables or Amelia Peabody books. They all are easy and enjoyable for me with out being totally brain dead(at least in my opinion).

    Hope you are having a great day!

  2. That cover is truly awful. I definitely wound not have picked that book up without a recommendation! As for the rest, I am really not that into historical fiction, or really the sound of steam punk…. (assuming steam punk is like that Will Smith film Wild Wild West, or the new Sherlock Holmes movie) it’s fun to watch but I guess I just like my fantasy to be more surreal!

  3. Great review. I would not have picked that up based on that cover…blah.

    Hmm…comfort reads. I can pick up any Karen Marie Moning, Melissa Mayhue, or Teresa Medeiros romance any time, any where. So I guess they would be my comfort reads.

    As for your contest, the only book I don’t already have is Elfshadow by Elaine Cunningham. Enter me or not. I too have been extremely lucky lately with winning books and plan to do some kind of pay-it-forward for my blogoversary next month.

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