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Just When I Was Getting Used To Them…

I love my KnitPicks Harmony Wood needle tips. Love. They are awesome. However, they are not for every project, so I also have a set or two of nickel plated KnitPicks (KP) tips. When KP introduced the Zephyr Acrylic tips, I thought, “why not try them?” and bought a set in a needle size I didn’t have and was planning to use.

They took some adjustment. They were lightweight, which was nice but different, and flexible, which was nice but different. They were a little squeaky. I was told they didn’t work with all yarns, though they seemed to be fine with the yarn I was using them for.

In short, I was getting used to them. And then:

DROPS Sweater 12


DROPS Sweater 08

(this is the most color-accurate photo of the batch)

One of the tips broke as I was in the middle of a row.

DROPS Sweater 10

I knit off the broken end, then pulled out my needle collection and found a solitary straight needle in the same size. That should work, right? So I knit across that full row.

DROPS Sweater 11

And the straight needle got really full. And really heavy. And was not fun.

DROPS Sweater 09

Can you see the stitch definition on that needle? No? Neither could I.

That left me with only one solution, other than throwing the whole thing across the room (too much time invested to do this) or buying new needles (they wouldn’t get here fast enough, and I shouldn’t be spending the money anyway):

DROPS Sweater 13

Switch back to my reliable Harmony Wood.

(Granted, this is a different needle size, but it’s only one size (.25mm) difference. And the only one who will likely notice is me, and I don’t care.)

9 thoughts on “Just When I Was Getting Used To Them…

  1. That sucks… and I totally agree that a size change that small with not be noticeable!

    I really need to pick up my knitting again, I started a baby’s sweater when my friend announced she was pregnant, but when she miscarried I put it down and just haven’t felt like picking it up again…

  2. Do you think you’ll have KP’s replace the needle for you? If you call them right away, they will likely send a new one out to you shortly, and then you can switch back to the right size… ::shrugs::

    Gah. I’m all stressed out for you.

  3. Nicole- That should NEVER happen- but from what I understand, they are very good at replacing them.

    I use my Addi’s for everything- but I do have a set of the wood dpn’s, and they are nice.

  4. I’m not a knitter but I have a friend who does and she never attempts to use plastic needles or ones that look like they can snap. Good luck!

  5. I tried to learn how to knit and realized that I suck at it…I’m stubborn though and managed to attempt to learn again & again on 3 separate occasions with weeks/months space in between…so far I only know how to do the most basic loop thingie…*back to the drawing board*

  6. OH NO!!! I’ve had that happen in the middle of a row once too, something like 89,064 stitches in. I did in fact throw it across the room. Luckily (or not, depending on how you look at it) I was only around 15 or so rounds in.

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