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On knowing one’s limits

Limitations are a fact of life, right? We all have them. We all encounter them in one way or another. We all have to face up to them (or run into tons of trouble because we overbook and then can’t figure out why).

I like to think that I know my limits. And then every now and again something happens that proves me wrong.

If I write this in normal paragraph style, it will end up really long and unwieldy. So instead I’m going to do a bullet post. (See? This is one way in which I do, actually, understand my limits.)

  • I am most productive when I am on a schedule. I do not think this is a surprise to anyone.
  • Schedules are easiest to maintain when imposed by outside sources. Again, no real surprise.
  • I tend to think that I can create my own schedules that will be as effective as those “forced” on me. This is where I start to run into trouble.
  • Completing NaNoWriMo is usually not an issue for me. (If you don’t know about NaNo, it’s a silly group of people who sit down to write a 50K word novel during the month of November.)
  • The theory I have long been operating on is, “I’ve done NaNo and held down a job at the same time for several years now. If I can get this much writing done in one month while working an 8-5, imagine how much writing I’d get done without the 8-5 getting in the way?”
  • I’ve now been on MY schedule instead of an EDJ’s schedule for about a month, and how much writing have I gotten done? Um, barely enough to register on my Word Count Tracker.

So. The end result? I need a schedule. I think I need to figure out a system of tasks and rewards for myself so that I actually have a reason to get things done now, rather than “not feeling like it” and so putting it off.

Here’s the first step towards that:

I’ll be starting a blog contest/prize thingy tomorrow. I have yet to work out all the details, but it should (hopefully) be fun. It will run probably through the end of the month, but more visits = more chances to win. So come back soon! I’ll do my best to get back on a regular blog-posting schedule…


3 thoughts on “On knowing one’s limits

  1. Heh, know that feeling. I’m better about it than I used to be, but having to work writing around the EDJ does keep me focused.

    Good luck!

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