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May Goalpost

Ah, don’t we all love (hate) events that change schedules? Mine is so messed up these days I don’t even know what day it is…

And not knowing what day it is tends to be bad for blog posts. I will try to get a book review posted next Tuesday, but I don’t have one written (and am not going to) this week. I have still been reading, so I’ll still easily make my goal of 52 books read this year, but reviews will have to wait until next week (hopefully) to get back to something resembling a regular schedule.

In the meantime, however, here are my May goals:

1. Finish the full-novel beta review I have outstanding for an OWG friend. — due 5/5/10

2. Finish the beta review of Kelley Armstrong’s THE GATHERING. — due 5/15/10

3. Re-read my first-ever-novel in preparation for re-working it. — due 5/15/10

(Note: this was originally code-named E1, then I switched it to FEN for First-Ever-Novel, and now I’m swapping it back to E1. Because my head hasn’t adjusted to the new code-name, so why bother changing something that already works?)

4. Write 25K words of planning and language creating for E1. This is a MayNoWriMo goal. — due 5/31/10

5. Post book reviews on the last 4 Tuesdays in May. — due weekly on Tuesdays

6. Work on the T sub package (query, synopsis, etc). — due 5/25/10


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