Is it still “casting on” if it’s crochet?

I’ve never been sure. What’s it called when you start a new crochet project? With knitting, it’s “casting on.” Because that’s what the technique is called. It’s not called that with crochet. Knitting instructions say things like “using your preferred method, cast on 37 stitches.” Crochet instructions read closer to “chain 4 stitches and join into a loop.” But “chaining” or “chaining on” sounds dumb. So… I’ll call it casting on anyway.

And why does this matter, you ask? Weeeellllll…

Blue Babette 02

New crochet project, that’s why!

This is the start of a Babette Blanket, and I’m using leftover sock yarn. As such, I might have enough yarn to finish it right now, or I may end up waiting until I’ve finished more socks before finishing the blanket. I’m not sure yet.

Blue Babette 01

I do know that this will be a blue-green-purple dominated blanket, so the yellow and orange and red and brown sock yarn that I have will be left out. Ah well. Maybe that means another Babette (or similar) Blanket is in my future? Hard to say.

For now, all I have to say is that I’m really enjoying this project. I always forget how much I love crochet…


5 thoughts on “Is it still “casting on” if it’s crochet?

  1. Looks like it will be a very pretty blanket – I love the colors. As for your question: I’ve never heard a specific term for it like knitting’s “casting on”. I always just say I’m starting a new crochet project. 🙂

  2. Wow, I find crochet so fascinating. I just love watching people do it, and trying to figure out how they do it! I learned how to crochet, and could probably still manage a few basics, but I’ve never been able to comfortably hold the needle…whoops, I mean hook!

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