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Goal Posts, 4/27 Edition

1. Quick polish SPN & send to Betas due date 4/5/10

Done! Though the “quick polish” was exceptionally quick. Embarrassingly quick, even.

2. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 4/30/10

Not done yet. Show has opened, but SPN still has priority. After that, it will probably be May before I touch T again.

3. Revise SPN and submit to Samhain contest – due date 4/30/10

Working on it! Though I have decided that there needs to be some pretty major revision. We’ll see how much gets done in time to submit. I am currently highly suspicious that it will get done in time. Energy is… well, gone. Between opening the show and the “I think I’m sick” that always seems to follow Hell Week, I have barely touched my writing these past few weeks.

4. Get “Into the Woods” ready to perform – due date 4/23/10

Done! Even if it did eclipse EVERYTHING else on my to-do list…

5. Finish 2 or more OWG critiques — due date 4/30/10

Not done yet. Not even thought about yet, sadly.

6. Write a book review a week for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge  due weekly by Tuesday

Not done, for once. I read a book this week, but have no energy for the review. Ah well.


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