52 Books 52 Weeks · Grade: B plus

Week 15: Thunderbird Falls

Thunderbird Falls
by C.E. Murphy

(urban fantasy)

This is an enjoyable book, though there are some places where Murphy lost me as a reader. Not the version of “lost” that is confused, but the version of “lost” that is disbelief.  The plot itself I enjoyed. Some of the characterization was not something I would have done as a person, but Joanne Walker is not me so that’s okay. But there are enough things that are “not me” that I am not as enthralled with this book as I was with the first one in the series.

One big disconnect I have is the attraction Joanne has to Gary. No, nothing happens. (At least, not in this book… Can’t vouch for later in the series.) But some of the descriptions just don’t work for me.

I like the plot. I already said that, but it bears repeating. There’s a twist that I thought I saw coming, but there were enough mis-directions that I was convinced I was wrong by the time it was revealed I was right.

And I really like Morrison. I hope the series has more of him in it. Even if there is no romance between him and Walker (which I would also enjoy reading), I just really like his character development.

Grade: B+


2 thoughts on “Week 15: Thunderbird Falls

  1. I’m trying to remember in which book it was that my desire to slap Joann outweighed my desire to keep reading the series. Guess which won?

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