Week 14: Winter Moon

This is my weekly 52 Books in 52 Weeks post…

Winter Moon
by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee and C.E. Murphy

(fantasy short stories)

To be brief:

I like Lackey’s story. It’s a good comfort read for me, as most of her work is. However, if I were to pick out one weak point in this short, it’s that the romance is treated like an afterthought, yet based on the ending it seems intended to be obvious.

Lee’s story was beyond me. I don’t mean anything bad by it, but while the imagery was lovely the story just didn’t hold my interest. I don’t think I “got” it.

Murphy’s story was, in my opinion, the best written of the bunch. It seemed the most complete as a novella, it left nothing to be desired, and it packed an emotional punch. Loved it.

2 thoughts on “Week 14: Winter Moon

  1. Chris says:

    Was the CE Murphy story freestanding, or related to one of her series?

    • bookwyrmknits@aim.com says:

      It’s related to the Walker Papers series, set between URBAN SHAMAN and THUNDERBIRD FALLS. This is actually why it took me so long to read this particular story: I hadn’t yet read Urban Shaman, and didn’t want the spoielrs.

      It can easily be read on its own, however. My mom read it without reading the series, and had no comprehension problems. I just didn’t want the spoilers. =)

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