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Linkity, Linkity, Jiggity Jog

Lots of amusing and informative things happen Around The Blog. What have you stumbled across lately? Here are some of the things I’ve found:

I know nothing about cars. … If you show me a car and it’s shiny enough, and has a sunroof, I’ll think it’s good. Only someone who knows what happens under the hood will be able to tell me whether it’s actually a lemon or not. A person who doesn’t know all of the complexities of writing a novel can usually be impressed without much effort. Don’t stunt your own growth.

  • Librarysarie has a new favorite Dewey number: 394. Especially the way it transitions from 394.5 through 394.9. Look it up. (Or, for the best effect, read her post.) Highly amusing.
  • Personally, when it comes to Dewey numbers, I like the 800’s. (Though any lit student would.) I also rather enjoy 741.5 (graphic novels), and have recently discovered 391 (costumes) to be handy in both my writing and in theatre.
  • L Squared has a thoughtful post about independence and what it means. Here’s my comment on that post:

“…taking on the responsibility of making all your own decisions – to do what you want; what you think is right; what you think is best instead of letting someone else choose for you – that’s the biggest, most difficult part of becoming more independent.”

Perfect answer. And I wish more people remembered that with independence comes the responsibility for the choices we make.

Have a great Monday, and I hope your Easter was awesome!

(And for those of you wondering where my weekly goals post is, it’s in a separate post. I wanted to be able to focus this one on the Blog-o-sphere, and not me, myself, and I.)


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