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It’s the end of March? Already?

I never really manage to understand how a month can go by so quickly. This one has been no exception. And the end of March means the end of the first quarter to 2010. Wasn’t it just New Year’s? Of 2008? My goodness. Time does fly.

But, what that means is that this is the last go-round with these goals until (probably Thursday, when) I post April’s goals. So how am I doing?

  1. Finish writing SPN due date 3/15/10 new date: 3/31/10
  2. Not done yet. But I changed the deadline, due to some events that were outside my control, and I think I can get it done by the end of the month.

  3. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 3/31/10
  4. Not done. I still don’t think I’ll manage this goal this month. I’ll aim to submit it — as well as SPN — in April.

  5. Don’t play computer games on the new PC until SPN is complete – flexible due date
  6. Sigh. Want to play SO BADLY. But no time for it if I’m going to finish the novella.

  7. Finish knitting Mom’s Birthday Socks – due date 3/20/10
  8. Done! Hooray!

  9. Get my 2 required critiques for the OWG done “early” – due date 3/20/10
  10. Done! Before the due date, even!

  11. Write a book review a week for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge  due weekly by Tuesday
  12. Still good. Only one more and I can call this one a win. Actually, I have the post scheduled already. So it’s a success! Hooray!

Out of curiosity, where do your cats like sitting to watch the world go by? My Suzy used to like sitting in my bedroom window. She has a new spot now.


See? Crazy cat. Or would you like a better shot?


That piece of wood near the bottom left corner of the photo? That’s the fireplace mantel. So yes, the silly cat really is sitting on a window ledge that’s over 6 feet high.

And here’s another brief SPN snippet, because I can. This is from when Kate and Frederick first really meet each other:

He walked back to the wall, pulling her with him. “Please don’t run,” he said. “It would be unladylike to flee one’s rescuer.”

She eyed him without a smile as he propped his cane up against the wall, but stayed  where she was when he released her arm. “And what of you? It seems ungentlemanly to kidnap the damsel in distress.”

Chuckling, he slipped off his greatcoat. “True. But I am not kidnapping you.” He helped her into his coat. “And I am not a gentleman.”

copyright Nicole Tom, 2009, do not copy, reprint/re-post without permission, etc.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “It’s the end of March? Already?

  1. Our living room is open to the second story in our home, and we have second story windows along the open portion. There is a ledge above our front hall closet, and our cat likes to use the ledge to jump up to our second story windows. I had a heart attack the first time I saw her up there!

  2. You’re making steady progress on those goals!!

    Kitties can be so silly. But that window has two pluses – window, plus up high. Up high is a dominance thing for kitties. My kitties sit on the kitty furniture provided in front of the two windows I don’t put fans in. I don’t have any window ledges!

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