Finally Friday

This has been a long week. Long, long, long.

I think that I will be giving you a mash-up of things that I missed out on earlier this week due to it being such a long and difficult week. There will be a steampunk novella snippet at the end — a short one, but I like it anyway.


We missed our Monday kitteh picture:


Are you there Ceiling Cat? It’s me, Suzy.


…and our Weds WiP pictures (links are to Ravelry):

Serendipity Stole 09

The Serendipity Stole… I’ve been working on it more again, and I’m onto a new chart (3 of 5). Then I have to repeat the whole thing for side 2.

DROPS Sweater 05

The Olympic Sweater, aka the DROPS sweater since it wasn’t finished during the Olympics. It’s nearly to the garter stitch bodice part with the shaping and buttonholes and that means I need to start paying attention to the knit.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 04

The Mini Mochi socks, which have ended up being for my sister since they fit her better than they fit me. I bought the yarn intending it as a present anyway, so no big deal. I’m nearly to the entrelac part, and that makes me happy.


The state of the writing is going pretty well, all things considered. I didn’t get any writing done Tuesday even though I was home sick all day with food poisoning (oh, didn’t I mention that? Yeah. Fun). Instead of doing any writing or knitting or even reading I spent the day in bed (when I wasn’t losing my breakfast, or lunch…). 20 hours of sleep later, I felt human again. But it did put me back a fair bit from my writing plan.

Now for a SPN snippet, as promised… This is from shortly after Kate encounters Frederick for the first time. It’s not a very happy occasion. The details are not for public consumption (and actually, the closer I get to “the end” on this one, the less I will be sharing) but here’s a teeny snip:

She shivered in the cold, though mercifully dry, morning air. The detective had scowled when she’d given her description. A strong jaw and blue eyes were, she supposed, a useful enough description. But no constable wanted a murder suspect to have a kind mouth or honest face. Kate didn’t even know where the image she had of him had come from; she certainly didn’t notice anything of the sort at the time.

But now she had a picture of him in her head, and it would not go away.

copyright Nicole Tom, 2009, do not copy, reprint/re-post without permission, etc.


3 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. The Mini Mochi socks are so pretty – lucky sister!

    Hmm. What is it with the girl kitties always being the ones talking to Ceiling Cat??? 😉

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