Thursday Thirteen: the yarn edition

I’m doing a Thursday Thirteen again today, mostly because it’s an interesting random post instead of just “hi, I have nothing to blog about.” This way I actually DO have something to blog about, you see!

So: 13 of my favorite yarns. Plus a brief description of why. No links to the yarn in question today, though, not enough energy for that…

1. Mmmm… malabrigo. Because it’s so soft and cozy and yet not under-spun.

2. Socks That Rock (by Blue Moon Fiber Arts). Because it’s awesome like that. It rocks. (ha, ha) And the colorways are awesome.

3. Mini Mochi (by Crystal Palace Yarns). I love the color combinations on this yarn. But it is a single-ply, and I’m afraid of ripping back because I don’t think it will like that too much. Also, it might not hold up as socks as well as I want it to.

4. KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud. It’s a dream to knit with. And affordable. Just make sure you don’t mind knitting laceweight.

5. KidSilk Haze. (People compare it to crack for a reason. It’s addictive.) I love the end result on this yarn. Knitting with it is a tad scary, because you REALLY don’t want to have to rip back, but the final product is worth it.

6. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. A very even yarn with good colors. I haven’t had an issue with it, and the colors are fun. Not as soft as some of the other choices, though.

7. Elann Peruvian Baby Lace Merino. Another laceweight, but feather-light and super soft. Love.

8. Plymouth Yarn’s Baby Alpaca Grande. Soft. So SOFT. And it’s NOT laceweight, so it knits up faster. And it’s soft.

9. Nashua Handknits Ivy. It sparkles! If I had some in pink I would make Mayhem a mousie out of it. But alas, all I have is teal. Maybe I should make a mousie anyway, so that Chaos doesn’t have to play with Mayhem’s sparkly pink mousie in secret…

10. Trekking (XXL). I’m not really sure why I love this yarn. The colors are not as spectacular as some of the others, and it’s certainly not as soft. But it is a good basic yarn, and had absolutely no disappointments. And it made me one of the sock pairs I am most pleased with. So I love it.

11. Qiviuk (Majestic Blend). So. Soft. Musk Ox yarn. Who’da thunk? I can’t wait to knit this up for myself. I’m thinking a pair of fingerless gloves/mitts/something along those lines.

12. Jojoland Harmony. I haven’t knit this yet, but I know what I’m going to make with it and I’m really looking forward to it. I love the way the colors look in the ball and the samples I’ve seen. And it’s soft. (Do you see a theme, here?)

13. Noro Silk Garden. Not quite as twisty and knotty as Noro Kureyon Sock (or at least not in my experience) and yet you still get the lovely color changes. But I have a love-hate relationship with Noro, so… (Oh yeah. And Noro is NOT soft. Hmph.)

So, there are my 13 favorite (at the moment) yarns. What are yours? Do you have any I should look into, you evil enablers, you?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: the yarn edition

  1. Nicole- I think it’s the dyers that I love- Woolen Rabbit, Sanguine Gryphon, Enchanted Knoll- and Posh.

    Did I mention Hedgehog Fibers? A whole world of awesome color.

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