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Every other day of the week is fine…

Monday! Like it or not…

I didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend, or at least I didn’t feel like I did. So I’m not too thrilled about it being Monday.

  1. Finish writing SPN – due date 3/15/10
  2. Not done yet. AKA overdue. But… getting there.

  3. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 3/31/10
  4. No query, no sub. Maybe by the end of this month, more likely by the end of next.

  5. Don’t play computer games on the new PC until SPN is complete – flexible due date
  6. Much though I want to, I have so far resisted. Hopefully I won’t have to much longer.

  7. Finish knitting Mom’s Birthday Socks – due date 3/20/10
  8. Done! Hooray!

  9. Get my 2 required critiques for the OWG done “early” – due date 3/20/10
  10. Done! Before the due date, even!

  11. Write a book review a week for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge  due weekly by Tuesday
  12. Still good.

Today instead of a cat picture, though, I have a headache. So this is a sufficiently long blog post. Here’s hoping the day (and week) improves from here!


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