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Steampunk Stats

Happy Friday!

Here are a few stats about SPN, the steampunk novella:

  • As of last count (Wednesday night as I was closing up my working file) there were 15,000 words in the novella. This is halfway to the MAXIMUM word count for the submission, and according to my outline, I’m not going to reach that max. So I’m over halfway done! Yay!
  • Number of POV characters: 2
  • Number of deaths planned: 0
  • Number of actual deaths: 1
  • Number of chapters planned: 9
  • Number of chapters written: 5
  • Number of times Frederick is going to attempt to steal the manuscript: 7
  • Number of attempts I’ve already written: 4.5

And because I can’t very well post a Friday Snippet without a snippet, here’s a short section from theft attempt #5…

Frederick remained motionless and silent for a few moments. Nothing moved. Nothing made a sound.

He let out the breath he’d been holding, then caught it again as he heard the noise which had alerted him before: a faint scratching. It seemed to be coming from one of the locked offices, but he couldn’t tell for sure as it stopped again almost as soon as it started.

Common sense said it was probably a rat. Common sense also said he should leave, and now.

Only one problem: rat or no, he didn’t want to pass the scratching sound on his way out.

That left one option: the door at the end of the hall.

All traces of good humor gone, he slipped out of the room and down the hall, away from the front entrance and odd sound. If he’d judged the size of the building correctly, this door should lead into a back alley.

It didn’t.

His heart pounded in his chest as he looked around. Not a back alley. Instead it held boxes off all shapes and sizes, many of them with labels that matched the one on the parcel he’d just returned. The shipments being held before delivery appeared to have all been moved here. This time, he would look through the whole bloody stack to be sure he got the right one. This time, he —

A loud thud sounded from outside the room, closely followed by a crash.
Frederick stilled in the process of picking up a package and looked up. He didn’t know what made that noise, but it sure wasn’t a rat.

copyright Nicole Tom, 2009, do not copy, reprint/re-post without permission, etc.

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