In Which There Are Thirteen Random Things

Anyone remember when I used to do Thursday Thirteens? Lists of 13 things every Thursday?

I haven’t done them in a while. Haven’t seen anyone else doing them, either. But today? I’m doing one. Mostly because I want a post that is worthwhile, yet I don’t have much else to say today.

So without further ado, here is a list of 13 Random Things:

1.   It seems the more knitting projects I have started, the more I want to start. (Case in point: I have 5 projects on the needles right now, 3 of which were started within a month, and I have at least 2 others I want to start RIGHT NOW.)

2.   Then again, when I finish a project, I get on a finishing kick too, and want to get everything OFF the needles. It makes for an interesting FO vs. WIP trend.

3.   Do not let someone give you SALTED crushed peanuts to put on your ice cream sundae. Do not ask me how I know this.

4.   I have owned pets ever since I can remember. (Well, the early ones were my parents’. But still.) Even though I complain bitterly about them sometimes, I cannot imagine ever being completely without a pet.

5.   My first pet of my own was a rat. She was sweet. I think the second was a newt. He was cool too, but had a lot less personality. My newt’s name was Sir Isaac. As in, Sir Isaac Newt. (He was kind-of a class pet that then became mine. There were other newts, too: Olivia Newt and John, Fig Newt… you get the picture.)

6.   When I am in a bad mood, buying a new pen can cheer me up. What can I say? I guess I’m easy to please. (Sometimes.)

7.   A short SPN snippet! Whee! Because I can:

Outside the shipping office, Frederick hailed a coach and instructed the driver to take him to the railway station. It was a luxury he wasn’t used to while on a job. Typically, he did everything possible to keep anyone from knowing where he was headed. Today, however, was not a day that an upper servant to nobility — such as he was pretending to be — would walk anywhere if he had a choice.

Climbing inside, he allowed himself a slight smile. Days like today, he was glad of the heated interior of the new coaches. Plus, the slick cobblestones were more treacherous for horses than these steam-powered things.

He let his breath out with a sigh as the driver started the coach with a lurch. Attempt number one to get the manuscript had failed. Now to move on to attempt number two. All the packages were on lockdown because someone — namely, Frederick — had stolen something?

Well then, he supposed that meant it was time to steal something else.

8.   My favorite kinds of pie are Mudd Pie and Boston Cream Pie. Sadly, I do not know anyplace to get a good version of either anywhere close to me.

9.   I am tired.

10.   I suspect this is due to Daylight Savings Time, though I wouldn’t swear to that.

11.   Another short SPN snippet (this one from Kate’s POV, and shorter than the first):

Lighting a candle on her bedside table, she slid her feet into her slippers and padded across the room, heading for the window so she could look out into the night. The house was quiet and still, even the servants asleep. She sat on the window seat and pulled the drapes aside. At this hour, the street seemed as quiet as the house. Nothing moved except a light rain, the puddles already on the paving rippling beneath the gaslamps.

It was a mesmerizing sight. Almost enough that Kate didn’t see the man watching her window.

12.   I love burning candles. Sadly, the smoke detector in my room is VERY sensitive, and will pick up candle smoke. Not fun.

13.   “Dragon Age: Origins” is now installed on my PC. Because just having the PC to game on wasn’t being enough of a motivator to get SPN written. Suddenly I find I have much more motivation to get the story FINISHED ALREADY…  🙂

And on that note… I’m going to go write. Happy Thursday!


3 thoughts on “In Which There Are Thirteen Random Things

  1. I am exactly the same way with my knitting. I have no idea how many projects I have on the go at the moment. Something about spring also makes me really want to cast on a bunch of new things.

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