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WiP Whoops

I have found that while we love the yarn and love the project, sometimes the two are not meant to be together. I think every knitter has discovered this at one point or another.

For me, this discovery was most recently highlighted by an attempt to knit another Short Row Scarf using some new Kauni yarn I bought at Stitches West.

Kauni Short Rows

Love the yarn. Love the pattern. But the two together? Not so much. See how my lovely color-change yarn ISN’T CHANGING COLORS in the scarf? Even the places where it did change color is due to me breaking the yarn and starting from the other end of the ball. Not what I had in mind.

Kauni close-up

So, today on my morning break, I did this:

Kauni frogged

Ribbit, ribbit.

Or, for those of you not-yet-initiated into the world of knitting slang*, “rip-it”… because I was ripping out stitches. Sadness. And yet, out of the ashes…

Kauni Entrelac 01

… rises a new scarf. **

This time I’m going to try straight entrelac. I suspect it will work better, since the sections of solid color will be smaller.

I am, however, still going to switch ends of the ball of yarn for every other tier. That way the color-change interest will remain even though the strand of yarn itself has a very LONG color section.

* does this still apply to any of my readers? One has to wonder. After 4? 5? years of blogging my writing and knitting adventures, I suspect most of you know the slang by now.

** I cast on at lunch, and took the photos on my afternoon break. Hence the later-than-usual posting time. I wanted to actually be able to show you the scarf in progress rather than making you use your imagination.


Edit note: Strange… why is that last picture not showing up in my feed reader? Does it show up in yours?


3 thoughts on “WiP Whoops

  1. Well, I admit I had never heard the term “frogged” until recently and except for the fact that I know that means it has been scrapped I wouldn’t have known what you meant by “Ribbit ribbit”…but I get it now 🙂 Did that just label me, idiot in your book?

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