Of Goals and Fireplaces

As it’s Monday again, here is the state of my goals:

  1. Finish writing SPN – due date 3/15/10
  2. Not going to be done in time for the due date. (Which is today.) But… still making progress. And progress is good.

  3. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 3/31/10
  4. Still need to work the query. Don’t wanna. Woe.

  5. Don’t play computer games on the new PC until SPN is complete – flexible due date
  6. Sigh. More frustration. But still successful to date. Sadly, this is not being as big a motivator as I’d hoped.

  7. Finish knitting Mom’s Birthday Socks – due date 3/20/10
  8. Done! Hooray!

  9. Get my 2 required critiques for the OWG done “early” – due date 3/20/10
  10. Still not done. I should be able to get these done this week.

  11. Write a book review a week for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge  due weekly by Tuesday
  12. Still good. Last week I reviewed a series instead of just a book. I wonder if I can count that as the entire month’s reviews? No? Alas.

It seems that Mondays have also become “Where’s Suzy?” days. So, here’s another find-the-cat picture:

Santa Suzy

Mom, there’s birds. Can I have one? Please? Can I?

We have starlings (aka VERY STUPID BIRDS) that like to sit on top of our chimney. And they have sat there so much that the screen which is supposed to be up there to keep embers from flying up the chimney and starting fires has been knocked off. We don’t use this fireplace so there’s no real risk of it starting a fire.

However, we need to replace the grate. Because birds have a habit of falling down the chimney. If we’re lucky, they end up in the fireplace and then fly around the house until we catch them. If we’re unlucky, one of two other things happens. They either fall down the chimney when no one’s home but the cats (and we won’t go into the ending of that story) or every once in a while they fall between the brick part of the chimney, and the metal that’s in there to reflect the heat back into the house. (Not sure what it’s called. But that’s not usually a story with a happy ending, either.)

Needless to say, however, in the spring when the birds are at their most stupid, the cats love hanging out by the fireplace…


3 thoughts on “Of Goals and Fireplaces

  1. I once pulled a magpie out of the fireplace in my bedroom (I live in an old Victorian terrace which has fireplaces in almost every room). My cat was so excited I thought she was gonna pee on the floor!

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