Snip Snip!

Nope… not cutting anything. Just providing a title other than “Friday Snippet”.

Without further ado, however, here is this week’s snippet!

As she returned the papers she held to the stack of correspondence, a smaller sheet slid out from between the larger papers. Curiosity had nothing to do with why she picked it up. She merely wanted to see when the letter was dated so she could put it back in its proper order in the stack. Though she told herself she didn’t care, she let her fingers caress the stationary. It was a smoother paper than the rest, almost silken to touch. The slightest hint of blue colored the page, and she could almost swear a whiff of scent rose from the ink.

Even more curious than before, she skimmed the letter to see who would send her father such a thing. And almost dropped it again.

The letter was from Squire Purcell.

What little she read as her eyes skimmed the page confirmed the conversation she’d overheard between Papa and Mrs. Clay. Mr. Purcell wanted Kate’s hand, and he was willing to give her a large yearly allowance to make the marriage happen. From the sound of his letter, the two men had nearly sewn things up… and neither had mentioned it to her yet.

Her hands balled into fists, crumpling the marriage arrangements on their fancy stationary. Would Papa really agree to this? Would he wed her to some stranger just because of money?

No, of course not. He had plenty of money on his own.

He was marrying her off for land.

copyright Nicole Tom, 2009, do not copy, reprint/re-post without permission, etc.

And as a reward to those of you who read the whole thing, here’s a picture of my sister’s cat being cute:

cats and things 2-2010 003


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