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Perfect Timing

I was going to have a very short post today. It was going to be something like “I was too tired to blog, so all you get is this lousy sentence.” And then…

Chris of Stumbling Over Chaos to the rescue!!

She has a MEME up. And told us to tag ourselves if we were so inclined. So guess what? I think I’m inclined.

Your cell phone? iPriceless
Your hair? Dyed
Your mother? Downstairs
Your father? Sleeping
Your favorite food? Chinese
Your dream last night? Huh?*
Your favorite drink? Tea
Your music? Singable
Your dream/goal? Published!
What room are you in? Mine
Your hobby? Theatre
Your fear? Undone**
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Mother
You? Yes?
Where were you last night? Rehearsal
Something that you aren’t? Patient***
Muffins? Nom!
Wish list item? iPad
Where did you grow up? California
Last thing you did? Drove
What are you wearing? Sweater
Your TV? Whazzat?****
Your pets? Obnoxious
Friends? Crazy
Your life? Decent
Your mood? Satisfied
Missing someone? Mr.Right
Vehicle? Zoom-zoom!
Something you’re not wearing? Hat
You? Duplicate?
Your favorite store? Bookstore
Your favorite color? Green?
When was the last time you laughed? Rehearsal
Last time you cried? Wesoneedawordfor”lastweek”it’snotevenfunny
Your best friend? Sister
One place that you go to over and over? Pern
Facebook? Timesuck
Favorite place to eat? Benihana’s

Have a Happy Thursday, and I’ll try to get enough time and energy for a Steampunk Snippet tomorrow!

* For those who don’t know, I remember maybe one dream a year. Maybe.

** As in, things left.

*** Stealing Chris’ reply here, because it’s too accurate to change.

**** For those who don’t know, my TV’s only purpose is to play movies from my DVD/VHS player.


3 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. ❤ Pern… I really want to buy myself all the books so I can read them over and over again, but somehow I never have the money/when I do have the money it always gets spent on something else…. Seriously, my 3 bookcases are already filled and 1 of those is completely doubled up already….

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