E-Book Week WIP

So we have a two-fer today! We get a WIP Weds, and another day of bookish stuff on the blog because I only just found out that this week is Read An E-Book Week!

Bee Bag!

Oh look! A bee bag! (No I didn’t make it. JessaLu did.) What could be inside, I wonder?

If you like fantasy, may I suggest checking out Drollerie Press? They seem to have a wide variety of fantasy books, though I haven’t read all that many of them yet. I have read at least one of Joely Sue Burkhart‘s books from there, though, and I just bought another one. Because if you’re interested in eBooks, Drollerie has everything at 20% off all week. They also have some free short stories available for download at the moment. (One of them is Joely’s “Well Of Sky”.)

Mochi Entrelac Socks 01

Oooh… pretty! Mini Mochi yarn!

Remember Joely? She’s the author of “Dear Sir, I’m Yours” that I pimped out on here not too long ago.

Mochi Entrelac Socks 02

And it’s a sock! Well… it’s going to be a sock. Can’t you tell?

There are, of course, other eBookStores, and other eBook authors. Check them out! If nothing else, browse the Read an E-Book Week site and see if there are any free reads that interest you. Who knows, it might lead to a new favorite author!

Mochi Entrelac Socks 03

This isn’t actually quite the right color. It’s close, but since I didn’t think about taking photos until nearly midnight, these are with flash instead of natural lighting.

Happy reading!


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