Monday Misc – Now With Snippets

To start our Monday, here is the state of my goals:

  1. Finish writing SPN – due date 3/15/10
  2. Getting there. I have nearly 10K now, which — while not quite halfway — is much better progress than I had been making. Now to keep at it.

  3. Send T to 5 sub ops – due date 3/31/10
  4. Well, I have a short list of agents now. But I still need to work the query.

  5. Don’t play computer games on the new PC until SPN is complete – flexible due date
  6. So far so good. I think this one I can do easily, though it may be frustrating.

  7. Finish knitting Mom’s Birthday Socks – due date 3/20/10
  8. Done! Hooray!

  9. Get my 2 required critiques for the OWG done “early” – due date 3/20/10
  10. Not done yet. I’m allowed to procrastinate a little bit, right?

  11. Write a book review a week for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge  due weekly by Tuesday
  12. So far, so good. There’s only been one Tuesday in March as yet, but I’ve gotten my book review up for it.

And now for some other miscellaneous stuff:

Since the “Where’s Suzy” pictures were so popular, here’s another one. It’s a bit easier than it could be, but it’s cute…

cats and things 2-2010 030

And though this is not Suzy, it was also too cute to pass up:

cats and things 2-2010 022

There was something more I was going to include in my Monday blog post. But now that I’m sitting here to write it, I can’t remember what it was. So it will have to wait for some other post…

However, here’s a short snippet from SPN to start the week off right (I hope):

Frederick tried to paste a pleasant look over his face, tried to exert just enough charm to seem slightly interested. Tried, and failed. Of course, he should have known better. Tolbert was the one person who never fell for his charm. Not when he was trying to steal the man’s wallet, and not when he’d attempted to sneak a girl up to his room. Not even after the fire in the slums, when he’d begged to go see if any of his old mates had survived.

Especially not when he’d threatened to storm out and take revenge on the arsonist.

copyright Nicole Tom, 2009, do not copy, reprint/re-post without permission, etc.


3 thoughts on “Monday Misc – Now With Snippets

  1. While you are doing well at resisting the temptation to play on the new computer, I see that Suzi couldn’t resist playing in the new computer boxes!

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