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Thursday Linkity

Just some random stuff for a Thursday… (I seem to do these a lot.) In addition to the linkity, I’ll throw in some pictures of the other things I got at Stitches West this year…

Stitches West 2010 Haul

  • I have a problem. I told myself I needed to have the Steampunk Novella finished before my new PC (for gaming — I use my Mac for everything else) arrived. It was supposed to arrive on March 15th. Plenty of time. Now it’s scheduled to arrive TODAY. And the story isn’t half done yet. ACK!!
  • Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos is still having her perpetual book contest. Though you shouldn’t go there if you don’t want to see half-nekkid men on book covers… (These close semi-soon, though. If you want to enter, do so now.)

Violet Rare Gems 02

  • Brigitte bemoans a washer accident. Go sympathize with her over sweater-in-the-wash-pile mistakes. Or look at photos of her cute kittehs. Or both.
  • Shiloh Walker celebrates the release of her new romantic suspense with a contest. (The book is called BROKEN, and it’s available now in trade paperback.) (And again – this contest is nearly over. Want to enter to win a Nook? Go now!)

Kauni 01

I think that’s enough linkity for today. Now I’ve gotta write, or I’ll never get to play Dragon Age.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Linkity

  1. Weird – I can’t actually click on the post for today, or leave a comment on it – I keep getting a “not found” message. I can read it if I just go to your root blog address.

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